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Re(5): thyroid cancer

Hi Februarygirl,

One thing that people need to know is that the tests they use for viruses cannot prove the presence of nor exposure to any particular virus. In fact, there are no common lab tests that can prove either. The only way this can be done is with electron microscopy, which is very difficult, time consuming and expensive. This is why it is not used in diagnostics.

The most common tests used to try and determine if a virus may be present or that there may have been exposure are antibody tests such as ELISA and Western blot. But these tests are notoriously inaccurate. The biggest problem with these tests is that they are prone to what is known as "serological cross reactivity". In short this means that the tests can react to other antigens the test is not testing for yielding false positives. For example, one of the most common uses of these tests are for HIV. But the HIV antibody tests have over 65 known causes for false positives. And it does not matter what virus they are testing for all these tests are prone to the same problem. In addition, exposure to viruses without chronic infection still create positive antibody responses even though the virus is not present.

The other test they love to use is polymerase chain reaction (PCR, viral load), which cannot prove the presence of any particular virus, nor activity. Here are some old posts I did on this:



As for the Nu Luv, the only thing I would be concerned about is that it could lower your blood sugar, and you brought up about having issues with this in your other post.



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