Against Hydrofracking

Please take a moment and sign, if you live in NYS.

Thank you for taking a stand against hydro-fracking in New York. After just one week we have almost 20,000 signatories!

Please continue to share this petition with your friends and family so we can reach 25,000 signatures by November 30th, when we will begin to deliver it in person to certain Senate and Assembly leaders.

This bill passed the Assembly in June 2011 but the Senate hasn't acted on it. Even though the bill only suspends hydrofracking until June 2012, it is important that we support it to send a loud and clear message that we oppose hydrofracking. Our representatives need to continue to hear from their constituents who support this bill. This petition is sending a strong message to the Senate and Govenor Cuomo. Thanks to you, they are receiving regular updates and messages from their voters about this petition and how fast it is growing.
Please share this link widely to keep the pressure on until the Senate goes back into session in January 2012:


Thank you,

Dr. Marybeth Carlberg


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