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I will try the En-vision formula. Though, in the past I tried the Vision Advantage formula but it did not seem to work. My problem is probably spending to much time on the computer and not giving my eyes enough time to rest and the nourishment that my eyes needed. Though, everything you mentioned regarding my eye problem seems to apply to me.

I am doing the thyroid test right now and for the first 3 days, the readings are 97.1, 97.2, 97.3. I will continue to take more readings but it looks like I have a mild hypoT. I looked at the symptoms that you listed, the only 2 problems that I have are memory and a mild depression from time to time. I used to have much worse when younger. I do not have hot flash or cramp or any related symptoms of the menopause. I don't remember the last time I take any medication. I don't get sick often but when I do, I just take a break from everything and rest until recover.

Regarding my adrenals, there is an incident that may be related. Six months ago I had this anxiety problem when driving on freeway. I felt like I was about to pass out that I had to stop and regroup. I was afraid to drive on the freeway for more than 1/2 hour especially to places that I was not familiar with. I could not figure out if it's physical or mental. If it's mental then what triggered it? If it's physical then why it only happened when driving on freeway but not when driving on inside road? I thought there was something to do with the speed and my body could not cope with it.
Do you think that was related to my adrenals that being stressed out? My friends and I spent 10 days together having a lot of fun and very little sleep. After they left, I made a 2-hour trip on the freeway and that's where I first felt like I was about to pass out at any time.
It's been 6 months and the problem gradually faded away. That feeling is not so intense now when I am on the freeway and I am almost back to normal.
In the past, I have been to the point of burning out a few times and realized that I stressed myself too much and sometimes it took a while to recover. I learned how to manage my energy better and tried not to work to the burning out point. But when I am with friends, I tend to get carried away.
I am considering taking some of your adrenals formula but it seems quite a lot of pills to take (thyroid, green gingko, foti, new vision, lecithin granules, and now adrenals tonic). I am not used to take pills and now having to take so many, just thinking about it and I feel full. Regarding this issue, these are my questions:
1. Can I take that many at the same time?
2. Should I just take one kind at a time to see what kind of effect it has on me before embarking on a new one?
3. To remove some of the bulk, may be I should just get the herb powder and not the capsule? If so, then do you have the formula without the capsule?


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