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eHarmony Viral Video Contest

eHarmony Viral Video Contest

Filmmakers! Producers of Video Content! eHarmony is having a Viral Video Contest and we want you to participate. The contest won’t officially launch until early December, but we want to give you a head start. The deadline is January 6, 2012 and the prize is $8,000.

Take every preconceived idea about eHarmony and trash it. No more white background. No more testimonials. No more loving couples going on and on and on. Our target is single people ages 25-45 and this video needs to be focused on them.

The video can be funny or serious, raw or polished in its production – but the idea (and the challenge) is to take one of the brand attributes below and imagine them in a way that’s funny, sexy, astounding, dramatically moving or clever enough to have a person think, “Wow, I want my friends to see this.”

Here are the two key ideas we want to communicate with this video.

1. We deliver the best pool of singles and high potential dates
2. eHarmony is your best alley out in the dating world

You have tremendous latitude to take your video wherever you like. Remember The eHarmony Cat Lady video? A woman in a bed with an iPhone. Here’s a link to a viral video we shot. It’s more elaborate, but cost less than $5,000. Take it where you will, but remember these three don’ts.

1. No sexual content
2. Don’t mimic our ads
3. Don’t feature our competition by name. You can make up a fake company if you like.

Tone Personality: Less earnest, light, playful, funny. Avoid mean spirited, nasty, or derogatory.

Intended Use: The video will be used in a social media campaign designed to expose eHarmony to users who either:

A) have considered the brand in the past and passed due to negative connotations
B) have a vague awareness of the brand as a marriage-oriented, scientific company
C) have never connected with our TV advertising

Other considerations:
• Orienting towards men or women is acceptable.
• Conceiving the video as one of a series is great, as long as it makes sense on its own.
• Should you choose to pursue the “eHarmony is You Best Dating Ally” message our customer research uncovered the following attributes for an ally - Confident, Knowledgeable, Grounded, Experienced, Honest, Authentic, Respectful, Open, Transparent, Warm, Approachable, Broadly appealing, Interested.

Submitting Your Video
This contest will live on the eHarmony Facebook page. On or about December 5, 2011 a tab will go up there called, “eHarmony Viral Video Contest”. If you visit this page, you’ll see instructions for uploading your video.

The public will be voting on four finalists.

Questions? Please email

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