To the grave

To The Grave

Once was over ran by pain, cuts so deep but no one took the blame. the lies you Told, the ones they believed, it too bad you didnít save me.
It's hard to believe, that oneís trusted are the ones that deceived. it's only your word who care about mine, but here is a fact it will shed in the light one day in time.
Their memories on guard with the truth so near but the lies kept guard no one could hear. Gone in the night gone out of sight lies so covered by you, i'll shed some light and show the truth.
no one lives here disappeared without a trace, lost in time hidden in place. It exsist in dark and the truth in light the warmth of tears that I could not fight, the plush on my cheeks gave it away that night. there was no room for weakness not even a space so the tears Slowly fail down in their place.
I forgave you not cause you could see but the truth of it is I did it for me .In the bends of time you will see donít open your eyes yet let it be.Your day is coming the day you find, the truth will be before you give it time! the day you close your eyes, one last time you'll say your final good-byes.. the last trip it's the last ride.
You meet your fate donít be scared of the gate. You were confident in the life now be in death what you didnt take
not in blood but in faith and sight will be seen in the after life. Say your prayer make your mends for that night you see through a lens.
Keep in mind it wasnít my life you fought, nor the pain and the suffering you could have Stopped.
Trapped forever in time with that you denied, was it so hard to see it wasnít me who lied.Brought forth by light for you to see your crime, but donít forget ill see you in time.
Remembering you did nothing wrong, I wonder if that will play out for long.
Nothing so you say youíve done wrong. in your sight before I rest for my last time I remember you said and breathe my last breath for all will be seen dont run dont hide dont be a coward, the long wait is at hand in the last hour.i'll find peace and protection in gods hands at best, it's then all will seen when they lay me to rest.

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