The final cut

The Final Cut

My world falls in front of me as my eyes fall short My thoughts race as my memories gradually sort.
Unbelievable sights that feel so wrong to have in my mind that which I called home no longer is found in rhyme.
Flashes inside moments trapped in mind the love that was lost with the sands of time.
I didnít find a struggle for my pain only A fight it wasnít me to blame, a sense of loss for it was the memories that were bond a life left behind the innocence that was lost never to be found. Life out of reach, lost in time for you hold the secret that i could not keep. lies for this is one mountain that couldn't be breached.
Memories that canít be buried in the sand, the pain felt and left behind by a man.
Remembrance of the blood left on your hands, itís too bad you couldnít see, you werenít a father not even a man. Recalling the lies and broken promises to note, but deep within you your pride wasnít even broke.
The shallow look in your eyes for even you knew you werenít on my side you never came thru. it was I that sought for your help. Your sight so lost in vein but it wasnít my tears you felt. when the truth was before you but you believed i was to blame. wrongful shame so left for Me, the pain and the tears you did not see. It wasnít right it was so wrong I was the one that needed saving all along.
Falling short in the night, the blade rushed upon so out of sight .you could not see it then i could not breathe. so, i found a way to kill the pain, and try to make you see. right in sight i took the blame and the shame with in me, suffering in pain it wasnít my life i wanted to lead. i found a way to kill the pain before your eyes I made it bleed. A rush of attention the blood pour down my sleeve, still wasnít enough for you to see. called it a hocks you called it a bluff, till the bottle they found it wasnít enough. The blood ran thick the razor ran deep an empty soul couldnít be saved that night not a tear, not even a fight. suddenly I realized the pain was all mine that night, my body fell light but, even then you fell short you to see me in flight. the memory still stood with in your sight.
Itís cold, its dark silence falls in but, the pain I felt just will not bend. itís the silence that Kills the wounds that wonít mend. The sun and the moon and the rain fall again. the joy and the laughter that donít exist what is it most that will be missed. i hide behind the mask of a clown is it the pain or the hurt that will be bond Or will the pain rest under the ground at six feet below the minimum sound.

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