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Herbal Advice Requested

Dear Mr. Sloane,

I have been reading Curezone and have educated myself about health for the past 5 years. More than anyone else on the Curezone, you speak to my understanding of health and I truly respect your opinion.

I need your help finding an herbal combination for my adrenal issues. I have tried a number of different herbs and all of them either affect me adversely or do not provide a solution to my problems. I purchased your adrenal formula, but had limited results.

I am confident that I have gotten to the root of my health problem and that my adrenals –- not my thyroid — are the issue.

I had candida for 20+ years and a severely inflamed / debilitated intestinal tract due to taking Accutane and antibiotics for 10 years in my youth. During the last 5 years, I have worked on clearing my colon and rehabilitating it. Not having a functioning colon with a severe candida infestation caused heavy metal toxicity and numerous other issues. I have spent the last 5 years cleansing and fixing almost all my health problems. However, years of inflammation caused adrenal fatigue.

The issue was made worse by my use of hydrocortisone on a persistent facial rash. When I stopped using it 3 months ago, my adrenals crashed—and they hadn’t been working well already.

General Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms
Excessive hair loss
Sore scalp
Foggy thinking
Cannot sleep through the night (wake up after 4 hours)
Painful menstruation
No libido
No energy
No motivation
No will to live
Alcohol causes blackouts

Herbs I’ve Tried

Pros: My hair and nails grew, I stopped being constipated, my hair stopped falling out, I slept through the night, I had lots of energy, I could drink alcohol and not black out, painless menstruation, less anxiety
Cons: My cortisol was extremely high, my stomach felt weird and swelled up, very fuzzy head, ravenous hunger, weight gain. I ended up feeling truly horrible. I took it for about a month and it got progressively worse. When I stopped, it took weeks to recover.

Pros(?): A tiny pinch of the herb gave me excessive energy—like I was taking amphetamines.
Cons: My scalp ached more, my hair loss increased, my immune system crashed, my constipation worsened.

---Your Adrenal Formula
Pros: Only two capsules per day gave me a little more energy. I can usually sleep through the night.
Cons: My scalp still hurts and my immunity is low. No other symptoms have been helped.

Other supplements and health protocols
Catalyn (by Standard Process—a multivitamin)
Green Vibrance (a green drink)
40-min walk 3-4 times per week
45 min kundalinin yoga 1-2 times per week

Based on my reactions to the herbs above, please tell me what you think is going on with my endocrine system. Why does my cortisol shoot so high with some herbs? Are there some herbs in your adrenal formula that I should take separately or in limited combinations that you think might help?

Thank you in advance for your guidance.

Happy holidays.

Camille P

P.S. I emailed your account on Curezone, but I understand that it's often not checked by posters there.


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