Ol' Jed

Ol' Jed

This is a tale
Of a man named Dale
And his neighbor in which he bumped heads

His neighbor was Sonny
And was loaded with money
And on his ranch raised thoroughbreds

On Sonny's place
Stood a mare he raced
Named Catch Me If You Can

She was big and grey
And in her day
Was the fastest horse known to man

In early September
Dale headed for the timber
With his trusty Donkey named Jed

Jed was packed with gear
As they looked for a deer
With huge antlers on his head

The air was damp
As they set up camp
And stood up there canvas tent

Along came Sonny
Saying Dale owed him money
Camping on his mountain would cost rent

Dale began to howler
He would not give up a dollar
And this mountain is public land.

They fought like brothers
As they argued with each other
Neither one gaining the upper hand

Sonny went on his way
And Dale continued his day
Both men were still mad

Dale couldn't understand
Why Sonny was a selfish man
When he owned everything he had.

He found it funny
That with all his money
And owning the top horses in the land

That Sonny was rude
And even in a good mood
Would not even shake Dales hand

After a quick snack
Dale loaded his pack
Then went out to hunt his deer.

In the morning chill
He sat on a hill
And a huge buck marched out into the clear

The sound of his gun
Put Jed on the run
He then hung a pack on a branch

Dales belongings were scattered
And trees were shattered
As Jed made his way onto Sonny's ranch

Dale sat down his gun
And went on the run
To catch Jed his runaway Donkey

He was far behind
But what he would find
Was sure a sight to see

There stood Jed
With the mare he had bred
The grey Catch Me If You Can

With half a pack
Jed was on her back
And Dale had a serious problem on his hands

Dale did race
Onto his place
With his donkey Jed

But the next year
It was clear
That the big grey mare was bred

On a day of cold
The mare had fouled
A long eared mule out of Jed

There stood Sonny
Looking at it funny
Confused and scratching his head

Years had past
The mule seemed fast
So Sonny put him in a race

With the mules desire
He ran wire to wire
And finished in first place

The very same day
Sonny made his way
To visit his neighbor Dale

Sonny Said I'm no fool
About that mare having mule
I should have you thrown in jail

But I have a deal
I need you to seal
To stud me your donkey Jed

You see I bought this place
With the horses that I race
But I think I want to run mules instead

With a shake of the hand
They shared there land
And had the fastest mules around

And in the end
They became friends
And Jed was the talk of the town.

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