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Re(2): liver cleansing

Last year I read your suggestions on curezone about taking bitters. In Australia i found Blackmores digestive bitters. Using an eye dropper on the tongue before dinner. For me, it made my situation worse as it caused me to become constipated. I have done several experiments where I went off the bitters, things moved. Back on the bitters, become blocked. My liver congestion symptoms become much worse: brain fog, fatigue etc. Before i did the trials, i went through months of being in a daze and never made the connection.

I read on a post on curezone that those who are of a Vata constitution (ayurveda) tend to get constipated on bitters. I am a vata predominant type and i have known this for many years. I don't know how much credibility you give to Ayurveda but i respect it. And just thought i'd give you some feedback incase others have noticed bitters making symptoms worse.

Constipation really effected my moods and emotion. No amount of fibre, prune juice, caffeine or anything could move things along. Just had to stop taking the bitters

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