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Hormonal Balance

Hi James,

I am 43 and believe I have my hormones unbalanced. I have been feeling very anxious and at times sad for no real reason. I am afraid to use progestrone cream but what can I do that is mild and can help me balance them. I still get my monthly so I must be premenopause.

I read your article on hormonal balance but the Vitex you mention seems like a large dosage to take daily. And if I were to take it how long do I take it? Why if I only cut back on red meat, milk, sugar, and take digestive bitters? I have started taking B12 liquid this week. I just feel like the first few months when a woman gets pregnant plus anxious.

Or why if I take nettle root?

I do eat 75% of the time healthy.

Any advice would be great!



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