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Additional Notes

Having done more research about maca, I understand that it is a cortisol precursor. Apparently, maca was increasing my cortisol and thus suppressing my adrenal glands. This, in turn, was giving me hypoglycemiaóalong with a bunch of other terrible symptoms related to elevated cortisol.

Iíve read about the endocrine system, but I still donít understand why my body reacts so strongly to maca and ashwagandha. Can you shed some light on what could be going on? Could this be a hormonal issue? I donít want to take wild yam because this is also a cortisol precursor. Iím taking lots of amla and bee pollen in addition to your adrenal support formula. I want to take something else to help my body. Iím barely getting through each day. Thoughts?

Camille P

P.S. I understand you have had some negative experiences with the moderators and trolls on the curezone recently. I hope they donít deter you from contributing your excellent advice. I have been reading health forums for 5+ years and your voice stands out as truly a gift. Some of us read you without speaking upóbut weíre here, silently appreciating your contribution.


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