Re(2): 2012 Syracsue CAN-AM Brackets & Game Times

Barries Tavern or for that matter no other New York team has ever made it to the Finals in the 27 years we have run the tournament, so how is it like every year? I haven't received a single complaint from any team in the 27 previous years about the bracket so why now. I have had teams suggest some rule changes which we have made.
This tournament is the longest running tournament in the USA so we must be doing something right.

Barries Tavern is playing 3 Canadian teams as it does every year so whats your beef.

By the way, at least have the balls to sign your name if your going to bitch.
I always sign my name to any posting I make. How about you?

Bottom line, garbage time is as name implies.....full of garbage.


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