Longing For Kate

I ain't seen it for myself, but
The boys all swore it's true.
There's a gal named Kate a ridin'
For the Lazy S that's new.

Now that's just down the road apiece
And I'm a curious man.
I'd mosey over , have a look,
And see as best I can.

Well I found her there a sittin'
On top a handsome bay.
Her long blonde hair was flowin' down
Her back in disarray.

To say that I was thunderstruck
Just surely said it well.
I'll dang sure take her out tonight
Or I'll be go to Hell !

I rode right up and spoke my mind,
Said I had lost my heart.
She said I'd better find it fast
Before them cows did part.

'Cause comin' through that bunch of beeves
Her jealous husband rode.
I looked at all his six foot six
And knew I'd hit the road.

I brooded o'er the loss that day
And couldn't rid my mind
Of things that might have come my way,
Of things I left behind.

Years passed by and then one day
I saw them in the store .
He don't look happy nowadays,
She weighs three hundred four.

That night I slept from dusk to dawn
My dreams were quiet at last.
No Kate was there to haunt me now
I can forget the past.


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