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Re(3): adrenal recommendations

Hi Drew,

D3 is best derived from skin exposure to sunlight.

You can also get D3 supplements, but these only contain inactive D3. If the kidneys are functioning properly though the kidneys can convert the inactive D3 in to active D3.

For Candida the most effective treatment is cultured foods to reestablish the flora. Simply killing the Candida does not work. The Candida is controlled by the acids produced by the bacteria. My favorite cultured foods are kefirs (milk, water, coconut, etc.). Fresh sauerkraut, miso and tempeh are some other good choices.

It would be pretty hard to overdo the tribulus as it is not really strong. The only time where tribulus may not be a good choice is if a man has a testosterone driven cancer.

To increase the effectiveness of tribulus I recommend taking it with nettle root, which is an aromatase inhibitor. This will help prevent the breakdown of testosterone in to estrogen.

Those formulas will provide you with plenty of supplemental nutrition other than active B12, which is not found in plants. The fibers in the plants though will feed the flora, which in turn produce some B12 for the body.



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