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Re(1): Additional Notes

Hi Camille,

Saying that maca is a cortisol precursor is actually misleading. Since the adrenals produce the body's cortisol anything that supports the adrenals, including vitamin C, can be considered a cortisol precursor. This does not mean these will create excess cortisol though. If you were producing too much cortisol your blood sugar would be high, not low. Cortisol suppresses insulin and released glycogen from the liver to increase blood sugar.

As I pointed out in my last post what you were describing as a response to the ashwagandha was not elevated cortisol. It is more consistent with elevated epinephrine from an allergic response.

Most of your other symptoms were not really symptoms of adrenal dysfunction but rather hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism can have numerous causes though.

I gave some suggestions in my previous post to start with. Adding a seaweed for iodine and glandular support would also be a good idea.

As for Curezone I am really fed up with the site. In my opinion Curezone has become a site for trash information and there are to many topics having nothing to do with health. I have contacted the webmaster numerous times about the problems with the trolls, abusive moderators, censorship, lack of enforcing the rules, etc. to no avail. It appears all the webmaster cares about it revenue generation from getting posts in to the search engines. But it is backfiring. So many people with great information have left Curezone already and so many others are to afraid to post after seeing the webmaster allowing the rampant attacks against me and others on Curezone questioning any of the false information on there. So the posting and readership there has dropped drastically. And I have to force myself to even go there and post. So I have been spending my time primarily posting elsewhere and have something else in the works that I will announce later when its ready.


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