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Re(1): Thyroid

Hi Jessica,

Yes, all the formulas are compatible with each other.

Symptoms are the best indicator of when you can back of the herbs. For example, when allergies go away then you can back off the Adrenal Tonic. Although it would be a good idea to take it once in a while as a maintenance and increase the amount if under a lot of stress, drinking caffeine or smoking. Basal body temperature is one of the best indicators for thyroid function. Lab tests are not very accurate when it comes to thyroid function.

Some herbs can interact with other herbs. Sometimes the interaction is beneficial since they increase each others effect or enhance absorption. Other herbs can bind with other herbal compounds inhibiting their effects. This is why it is important to understand herbal chemistry when blending herbs. I do take these things in to account when designing formulas though and avoid herbs that have a high tendency to bind other herbs.

The same applies to foods. Some foods will inhibit or enhance the absorption of nutrients from other foods. Protein in milk for example blocks the absorption of calcium from the milk. Calcium in foods will block the absorption of iron as will oxalates and phytates in foods. Vitamin C on the other hand will increase iron absorption. Acids found in some foods also enhance the absorption of various minerals.


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