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Angry? Stressed? Tired of dealing with someone in your RP community?

Downright Hateful was created by an avid, anonymous roleplayer who got tired of being hypocritically censored. Inspired by the popular rant site, Breakdown, Downright Hateful takes arguing and ranting to an entirely new level of complaining. Name all the names you want, whine, debate, argue, link to specific posts. Do what you want, you're not being censored on petty points.

Here at Downright Hateful, we have one rule. We keep real life information and real life talk out of our boards. If you have an OOC problem with someone due to what was done on a game that's fine, but we won't tolerate you taking it to a real life level. This includes (but is not limited to) real life names, photos, addresses, phone numbers, Facebook/MySpace links, emails, etc. We also won't tolerate people taking their rage out on someone's real life.

Do NOT discuss the following:

  • Threats of violence against the person.
  • Wishes of violence/death towards the person.
  • Any reference to the person in real life. (Don't call someone a fat, pregnant, ugly, whore cow.)
  • Any information that could lead back to any person IRL (including you).

For further clarification, here are sample posts of what to do and what not to do. You get one warning for this behavior. After your second offense, your IP will be permanently banned from all boards. Zero exceptions. We're here to vent our frustrations in the RP community, not to wish harm on anyone.

So go ahead. Stay anonymous (or don't). Get that stress off your back and be Downright Hateful!

You're free to remain anonymous or use an alias when posting. IP addresses are not available to the public.

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