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Just another wolf..

Name: Pascal
Age: Teen
Gender: Male
Appearance: Grotesque. His pelt. if one should call it that, is a deep molten shade of black. Not completely, not so at all; More of a dark paint on a light canvas. Different colors sprouting fourth from it and inbedding themselves deep within flesh and fur, heaving to and showing off thier pridefull alure. His neck, internaly arched in a sideways angle, creating the illusion of a constant question. Prodding you to spill your secrets for him to devour and spew into your face, damning you to live with what you've done. Blemishes, absent from this black parade. But death, sickly sweet and imortaly slinking in those falling to it's ego, hangs in the air around him. It's his eye, bulging and white, suckled from desiese and left tattered with rings of Crimson-Stained fur around them, always oozing the substance from the irritated orb. ( His other one is.. Just.. Bro-Own.. Brown..)
Although he's not considered ugly exacly, more of diabloc scrutiny.
Canines, large and hooked. Scarred with chips from bones he's shattered and stained with the blood he's sharred.
Not very interesting, not standing out in any way, not perfect at all, not demonic or valiant.
Just another dog cursed to pad over these terrians.
He prefers to stay in the shadows, blending them with his coat and indulging in thier lustfull protection.
He's interily blind in his right eye.

Personality: A slithering, cravenly serpant damned to live.
This mutt of hellish nieve prizes himself higher even above his own standerds.
Loathsomely attracted to females, targeting them alone to seek pleasure as well as company.
Dancing in this complicated game called life he hitch-hikes down the main lane, seeking amusment and ruthless, demonic attractons.
Throwing his life so dearly close to death, carless and heedless of danger and others cares.
Pride? Cast it to Hell then mybe it may find somone to it's taste, mybe even the Devil. Nothings too low for him, nothing too extreme or foolish.
Young and brave is an overstatment, he often traveling with hoards of males, molesting females and seeking out fights.
Kicking dust up in his betters eyes, sneering down at pups and tearing apart morality.
Lustfull, insane, pious to the Devil's way.
Nipping at the seems of law he enjoys other's pain, trapping defencless beasts and tormenting them for as long as they'll grace him with thier living.
Fleeing the scene when things get rough and slinking to find more enjoying able prey, preferably somthing that wont, or can't fight back.
He adores fingering one's emotions, looking for reactions and lunging into fake love, if only for the sake of the experience.

Not that he can't fight, more of that he wont.
Through all that Devilish, vile acts he detests organized fights and would sooner die then be without close company.

History: He never did live some scarring, pathetic life that somhow led to his behavior.
Perfectly fed and bred to become self-rightiouse a lovable, gentle giant.
But things don't always turn out how we want them to.

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