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Leaky Gut, Candida

Hello, I was surfing curezone looking for answers and noticed that you seems to have a lot of knowledge and experience. I have been battling health problems and I was hoping you could help me. I just signed up on CureZone and am not quite sure how to use it correctly yet, but somehow I managed to find this page.

I will spare you my life story, as I am sure you have a lot of people asking for your help. Right now I am following the GAPS diet intro with little supplementation, which has improved my symptoms greatly but I believe I should open my mind to more supplements to help with the healing process. I am hoping you can give me some suggestions. Right now I have:

*Eczema (has improved with avoiding allergens)

*Terrible dandruff and increasing hair loss( the only relief I have found is dumping Borax mixed with water on my scalp, but I don't know how healthy this is in long term...)

*Candida overgrowth (treated occasionally with olive leaf extract and garlic)


*Multiple food reactions (the list is so long now.. it includes yeast)

*Leaky Gut ( I am quite sure, makes sense and my last ND diagnosed this)

*Low Adrenals( my last ND diagnosed this as well)

*Worms ( I had a nasty infection of pinworms which I've treated twice with mebendazole, but I have that itchy feeling at night that they are back)

*Extremely low in seretonin (due to years of being on a strong prescription antidepressant)

*Occasional muscle spasms, cramps, and heart palpitations ( I believe this is from mineral deficiencies, it gets better when I use epsom salts)

*Exposure to mold ( I live with my parents right now, and they have dreams of a re-model in the future but I do not think they quite grasp the danger of the level of mold in our bathroom. But I know that they have spent a lot of money on my health problems, and a re-model is expensive...)
I am hoping to move out in the near future, because my health has improved to the point that I can probably work again. Still I am worried about my parents, and hope they will deal with the mold problem safely...

*What I am taking:

I take digestive bitters before meals, which is a tincture in vegetable glycerin. I use about 3 drops on the tongue before each meal, so 9 a day. The formula has ginger, astralagus root, centaury aerial parts, gentian root, rosemary leaves, fennel seed, and cardamon seed

I drink very strong ginger tea, and have begun to use turmeric liberally.

I occasionally take olive leaf extract

Before bed I mix a capsule of melatonin with water and sip

I recently ordered a digestive enzyme that only uses papain, bromelin, and immature citrus fruit. I read that plant enzymes do not create such a dependency as HCL and animal based enzymes. Do you still think I should be cautious with overuse?

It has been a long road of healing and I have made a lot of progress, but I am still nowhere near the picture of health that I feel a 20 year old like me should be.
I have read a lot of your advice and watched your videos, and it really gives me hope to see someone that obviously has a passion for healing. Even some naturopathic doctors I have had know little about what they are prescribing and treated me as if I had no right to understand why I should use a product, because I did not go to school for it. I really appreciate your style and that you are willing to explain the science behind your advice. :)

I understand if you are busy, but I would be extremely happy if you could help me out. Thanks so much.



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