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MAJESTIC TOP SECRET !!! Aliens UFOs // Nick Redfern // Secret Govt Group // Extraterrestirals !!!

MAJESTIC TOP SECRET !!! Aliens UFOs // Nick Redfern // Secret Govt Group // Collins Elite // Extraterrestrials !!!

Nick Redfern is excellent, and thank you to TPTB, etc, for letting him write books.

For a copy of what I am listening to, search for this...
C2CAM 2010-10-17- Aliens & Secret Govt Group George Knapp

Or go here...

Now, the information in that Radio archive and in Nick Redfern's book
is very similar information to what Lou Gentile had researched.
(The Lou Gentile Show. Not on the Air anymore)

And recently I watching a YouTube video showing a book that
the movie Star Wars was based on.

And then of course the old original Bible had similar information too.

And then there is the document I help share called... "Decide Whether We Should Show Up"
that has the same information about the dark side on the Universe and Dimensions.

So the average American chick walking around with music and the latest fashion shoes, etc, etc, is just in bliss compared to all the above research. And that's a good thing, to have mostly everyone not focusing on demonic entities and their powers.
And look how easily those Islamic Fundamentalists are easily swayed into "Blood Will Be Shed!!! For Allah, etc". And not just Islam but even Christian Fundamentalists that today still say the words... "UFO Researchers Should Be Stoned To Death". Yes, I have the evidence and proof.

Anyway, I always knew I would go this far with UFO, Extraterrestrial, Space, Dimensions, and Advanced Knowledge Research.
Just because, I suppose, from all the Sci/Fi and Dr Who
I watched from age 5, etc.
And because maybe there is a determination in my soul to help us all.

As for the Dark Side, and me joining forces with Negative Multidimensionals... Not In An Eternity for all the Gold and Women and Power.

I have a bad temper sometimes but it is just a wee strength I picked up from my parents and from a teacher in Australia.
And a wee bad temper is where it stays. I know myself. I am very lucky to be on Planet Earth with a chance to see the Beauty of Good Honest Dedicated People.
I am very lucky to be on Planet Earth with a chance to see the Beauty of The Universe and of possible Wonderful Intelligent Extraterrestrials.

I am very proud of Nick Redfern.
An amazing, brave, dedicated, wise, diligent man.
Because all the above research is a lonely spooky dead end road,
with a glimmer of hope that we all don't know if we can trust or not.

And it's amazing that all get to study everything on the internet.
Because even I sometimes think, "oh, gee, this information is dangerous, we need to keep people watching HAPPY DAYS on TV, while we sort everything out".

Although, I like this QUOTE... "How could you be certain that this is not yet another subtle manoeuvre of the "third party" to better enslave you? Because one always more efficiently fights something that is identified than the contrary."

Anyway, things can only get better...

Because we have been through the worst as Roman Soldiers.

We have the Internet and just enough brains to pull ourselves out of the poo.

We all like creativity and joy and feeling good.

We can watch re-runs of Star Wars.

Debunkers are everywhere to help keep the balance, Dear Sir Arthur C.B.E Wholeflaffers A.S.A !!! :-)

666 is not a bad number. Numbers are just numbers for counting.

We have cute kittens that just love us.

The good happy Muppets are immortal.


Oh, look, three of Mr HVAC are there !


Aliens & Secret Govt Group with George Knapp.

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