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Mysterious UFO Boxes on Oregon Coast?

"If there were boxes they were gone now and one of the observers that was on the beach claimed that he was alarmed that the other morning he witnessed while walking the dog an alarming amount of military activity namely a Blackhawk or apache Helicopter, he couldn’t tell, a few men on the beach including what he said looked like a classic agent wearing a black overcoat and hat with his face covered with a handkerchief."

"After a long drive is torrential rains and high winds we stopped at a gas station in Yachats Oregon. Roger asked if the attendant knew anything about the strange stories of boxes in the area.

The woman in the 76 station smiled and said that yes the stories we were hearing were true, only that she feared the boxes were taken away. When we asked by who she inferred that they were picked up or maybe washed away in the high tide. She said that they were showing up in towns further south."

"We discussed all of what we knew with John Henry and wondered if the Military was loading these so called boxes on to helicopters and transporting them to a nearby base. We could not really say for sure all we could speculate was that perhaps what people were seeing were bright electrical arcs from someone welding on a boat.

That they were welding the strange boxes shut and then throwing them overboard. The boxes would wind up on the shore, later to be picked up by the Military and taken to a base.

The question was why they would go to all of the trouble? Why is Dave Masko insisting that UFO’s are responsible for this anomaly? Unless we are seeing strange craft being piloted by the Military and this is some covert activity that they are involved with.

We walked away from the investigating feeling as though the “alien UFO” explanation was a cover so that it would be debunked and people would then ignore the story. Masko on the other hand continues to write. He e-mailed me saying that he has an eye infection from his encounter with the boxes.

All I have now is speculation and eyewitness reports that the Military is doing some covert activity, moving these ‘boxes” off the beach to other facility miles away.

This story is still developing and we may have to revisit it as more details come forward. What we do know is that there has been increased UFO activity; there are witnesses that say that the boxes are real. Many people still have not seen them but know people who have.

What we don’t know is what is in the boxes. Where they come from and why witnesses claim to have seen Military activity in the area."


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