The Plight of Mental Illness:

It can strike at any age,
You become fed up with life,
You just want an end,
To all this earthly strife!
You can't explain it,
You just feel alone and different,
No matter how hard you try,
All your efforts to be normal seem spent!
Finally, you somehow get help,
Starting with a diagnosis,
You learn you're not alone,
And, at first, you feel a reassured bliss!
You go back to face life,
Thinking that now all is well,
Then get blasted from every angle with stigma,
Wow, isn't that just swell!
There are medications to help,
But there is no cure,
And everyone reacts differently to treatment,
Of that you can be sure!
Daily, medication becomes a necessity,
Which, unfortunately, for some that news is hard to take,
We try all to often to do without it,
And that can be a deadly mistake!
People without a mental illness,
Don't seem to understand,
They just want you to be better,
But what if the glove was on the other hand?
There are numerous types of mental illness,
With about as many types of treatment,
But what works for one may not work for another,
No worries all efforts can never be spent!
Mental illness stinks,
And that's the bottom line,
But, with help, you can get through it,
And live a life that's fine!

By: Jennifer Hatzel


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