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Re(3): idiopathic pulminary fibrosis

Hi Des111,

For the fibrinolytics, I recommend a half teaspoon of dan shen powder or 1-2 capsules of nattokinase 3 times daily at least 30 minutes before meals. You will have to be patient. It takes quite a while for fibrinolytics to break down scar tissue. So it will probably take at least 8 months to see results.

Silica will also be essential. The best way to get silica is with food grade diatomaceous earth (DE). Add a spoon full to a gallon of water and let it settle out. This may take a few days originally. Then drink the water from the top being careful to not stir up the sediment on the bottom. As the water goes down add some more water and allow it to settle out again. Keep repeating this. Each time you add water it will dissolve traces of the silica forming orthosilicic acid (OA), which is what the body absorbs and utilizes.

Vitamin C you should get primarily from your foods, and again these are best consumed throughout the day.

As far as the adaptogens it is going to depend on the individual herbs or the formula you are going to take. But the herbs are best taken 3-4 times daily and on an empty stomach.


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