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Re(1): canine lymphoma

Hi Janice,

Since I answered this in an e-mail response I am posting the e-mail here for other people to learn from as well:

Our 7 yr old golden retriever is suspected to have lymphoma. We will have the biopsy results back on Monday but the blood panel came back today. Her organs are still working ok, but her white blood cell count is way high. At this point she is very lethargic and doesn't want to eat. She is drinking water. The dog food I bought had worms in it so I don't know if this is contributing to any of her symptoms. The vet said all her lymph glands are swollen. Can you recommend something for lymphoma in dogs?

Lymphomas are viral in origin, so antivirals are recommended. The most effective antivirals for lymphomas are pau d' arco and andrographis. Although I generally combine these with the antiviral chaparral, which potentiates the antiviral effects of pau d' arco. Equal parts of each powder. Recommended dose is 1/2 teaspoon 3 times daily. It is going to taste nasty so you may need to capsule it, which would be 2 size '00' capsules three times daily.

I was making a batch of salmon and brown rice in hopes that I could get her to eat. I was going to add some flax seed, sesame seed and ground almond mixture and noticed I had some adrenal tonic of yours - Is it safe for dogs?


I also have colloidal silver and wanted to make sure that was safe and how to administer it to her. I also read to give them probiotics and aloe vera juice to help the stomach and intestines along with some food safe hydrogen peroxide in her water. What are your thoughts?

Both the silver and the peroxide would have to be given on an empty stomach, so this could pose problems with administration. Aloe juice is good though for immune stimulation as well. Make sure the bottle specifically states no water added since most aloe juices are highly diluted with water.

I was going to buy some powdered greens also to get some greens in her. Is there anything that is dangerous for dogs?

None that I can think of. The main ones I would focus on though are barley grass, nettle leaf, alfalfa and chlorella.

I need something that will quickly to get some energy and nutrients into her. My phone # is below - feel free to call if you have any advice or warnings about what not to give her.

The herbs above will provide a lot of nutrition and dogs like the taste of these greens.



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