The Birth Of an Atheist

Dear God, i write to you today
not in wonder nor in praise,
not of my troubles or my sins
nor of my joys or of my wins.

Do you not see the pitiable plight
of a man with no sight?
Or does it bring great joy to you
to see a child beaten black and blue?
Do you not hear the woman's cry
who has nothing, to live by?
The pain of one with none to love
with only earth and sky above?
In your heart, do you not feel
a spark, a jolt of sympathy?
Do you not know from where the sound
of battle, and gunshots resound?
Do no tears come to your eyes
when you see your people die?
You make a child beg on the road,
he is orphaned and is cold
Do you not feel a hint of guilt
Does not your very being wilt?

The more i see the cruel sight,
Of good and evil in a fight
Where the latter, wins with ease
the goodness in this world does cease.
Why should i, believe in you?
when your love for us aint true
and like a rainbow losing color,
the hope in god gets even duller.
Give me a hope, give me a sign
that sadness does fade with time.

aishvarya mathur, 17 , india

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