EGOFRACKING: Some fracking is good esapecially if you bought and drive a V8, two ton, 16mpg Black Jeep like one ANTI-FRACKER who lectures the board..

EGOFRACKING REPORT: I am against hydroing in level one areas. But I don't hate all hydrofracking. Hydroing for crude oil in North Dakota is producing approx 450.000 barrels of oil a day. Up from approx 200.000 a few years ago. To compare normal production....California does about 550,000 B.p/d. Alaska about the same, 550,000. Remember, Alaska was producing around 2 million in 1988.
Kansas, approx 100.000. Oklahoma, 200.000. Louisiana, 200,000. Texas 1.200.000 million barrels. Off shore is approx 1.500.000 million barrels p/d.

We cut oil imports from Venezuela by about 300.000. Their partnership activities with CCP and China and other international oil companies, EXXON is one of many oil producers in the world. The world produces approx. 88 million barrels a day. Exxon does only 2.5 of that. So I don't think Exxon controls the world oil market. So China will help increase oil production in Venezuela by 1 million barrels a day by 2016.

Nigeria production has been interrupted by M.E.N.D. terrorist activities. ( kidnappings and pipe damage.) That cut production by a half million b/d. to 1.500.000. That is one reason why we are getting approx. 450.000 b/p/d from Angola. And another 500.000 from Algeria. So maybe drilling in ANWR, on land and not out 100 miles at sea, is not a bad idea until my liberal friends start driving smaller cars and not 16mpg high maintenance CO2 Jeeps and Lexus like the people who attend the anti-fracking meetings. How can you be against Hydrofracking and still buy and drive a 17mpg two ton Jeep in the water shead area? The CO2 emissions are 400 p.p.m.
A little car is 180 p.p.m.
Where does the brake dust go after that Jeep slows down? IN the lake...
Same with the wearing of tires.

So Hope us anti-frackers are more conscious in the future...

Egofracking Report.

Why are we doing a trade agreement with Columbia, South America? Because we now get approx 300.000 barrels from them.

We got 10,000 barrels from China.
We got 10,000 barrels from Japan. Japan gets 30% from saudi, 25% from UAE, 10% from Qatar, 9% from Kuwait, 2% from Oman, approx. 12% from Iran and other M.E.countries, and 10% from other African/Asian. Don't worry about Japan getting all our oil. That's beiing lazy intellectually.


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