Re(1): Against Hydrofracking

Town Democracy. If people don't want it and they organize, go for it. NY won't die from lack of Hydroing. Pensions and poor education will be the death pill.

An aid to Hillary Clinton told me that he would not allow me to import a 1300 pound car from India that gets 60 mpg
because of the arbitrary crash tests by the NSTB. But I can buy a motorcycle. Thanks liberals for the extra freedoms and clean air. Exxon doesn't care what kind of car I drive. Liberals do.

NEWS: Low level radiation from the MINING of neodymium oxides, dysprosium, cerium, etc., and other rear earth materials used to make electronic parts, circuit boards for electric windows, locks, electric motors, remore controls, etc. is more or equal or less than that of fracking pads?

100 million cars with electric motors for the windows is equal to approx half a Billion motors. 4 motors per car. Add in the wiring belts. This has a price on the environment like fracking. So if you are against fracking, sell your SUV/luxury vehicle and roll down your own windows and get some exercise.

Plus you can save enough to invest in clean energy or for your own pension.
Less $ spent on your vehicle is more money for your pension.

Reporter Joe.

Have you seen one of these mines operating in China or Malaysia?

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