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hay fever and hypothyroid

hi james -

we posted back and forth recently about adrenal issues that i'm working on. since then i've taken my basal body temp over a week and found it pretty consistently low, around 96.8, leading me to suspect i've got hypothyroid issues going as well. initially it seems the case that the gas and stomach pain i've been having are much less as i've been avoiding goitrogenic foods.

my question to you is this: in three weeks, i'll be returning to my job on an organic farm. the last two seasons my seasonal allergies have been extreme, both years the spring was a nightmare, and the burnout i had last summer i suspect had in part to do with my adrenals being so taxed from allergies while doing farm work every day. i'm working currently to boost my adrenals and thyroid with supplements, but i would like your advice on what to do to help curb the effects of my hayfever, as i don't want to undo any progress i'm making getting my body back to equilibrium and risk another burnout.

any advice you have on the subject would be greatly appreciated. as always, thanks for everything you do here man.


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