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On combining your supplements, storage, acidity and thyroid support

Hi James,

A few (basic) questions;

1) I am aiming to take your Adrenal tonic, Thyroid tonic, Ginko green and Live-r-ight. The suggested use for all these supplements is "two capsules three times daily at least 20 minutes before meals". My question is if it is OK to take all these supplements at the same time? (May this inhibit the effect of the supplements, possibly result in overdosing on some ingredient, or is it just fine?)

2) I have somewhere read you stating that bee pollen should be kept refrigerated. Since there are bee pollen in some of your supplements, does that mean they are best kept refrigerated as well?

3) I am taking water kefir, miso and prebiotics (rice and oat bran) in order to battle candida, but also want to improve my diet, which is currently fairly alkaline. (Main result: many (alkaline) veggies, no dairy and processed foods, and little grains other than rice) What 'healthy acidic foods' would you suggest to be incorporated into one's diet? (or in other words; What healthy acidic foods do you eat?)

4) Finally, in relation to hypothyroidism, do you have an opinion on 'thyroid supporting' supplements, like NOW foods' "Thyroid support"; http://www.iherb.com/Now-Foods-Thyroid-Energy-Thyroid-Support-90-Vcaps/843?at=0 ? May such a supplements help one's thyroid or should it -like adrenal glandulars and thyroid hormones- be avoided (because it inhibits natural thyroid function in the long-term)?

Thanks for all help and insights and keep up the good work. :)


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