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Aliens Extraterrestrials Proof Evidence Top Secret Documents.

Aliens Extraterrestrials Proof Evidence Top Secret Documents...

>Well, you seem to blame extraterrestrials for 9-11 ...

I don't know where you got that idea from.
But anything is possible with what we have learned.
With the money system, it only takes one well placed Being
in some important location on planet Earth such as with MOSSAD or GRU
or INTERPOL or USAPs... to play and tweak and pull top commanders
strings... to make the whole planet Earth a worse and worse place.

Study RENSE.com ..... down the right side of the page.

>It is in fact possible, that some of the more remote theories do in fact
>match reality.



"Sacred Geometry DNA changes 2012 Molecular Atom Consciousness"

And... QUOTE from other intelligence data...

"Your people of planet Earth have yet to realize that intelligent life
is teeming, virtually throughout the universe, in advanced
civilizations and levels of development that would completely defy
description. The countless billions of stars that appear in your
astronomers' telescopes are only a fraction of the overall magnitude
of Infinite Creation"

And... QUOTE from other intelligence data...

"We can offer you a more holistic vision of the universe and of life,
constructive interactions, the experience of fair and fraternal
relationships, liberating technical knowledge, eradication of
suffering, controlled exercise of individual powers, the access to new
forms of energy and, finally, a better comprehension of

>But how could you/we/somebody possibly find out, if that is the case?

We people of planet Earth have been given the internet.

I used to try to search through the public libraries in the old days,
but it was nothing compared to what we have now with the internet.

However, clueless new souls, greedy clueless idiots, and evil powers
that be, also use the internet and employ hundreds of thousands of
dis-info agents to discombobulate everything.
In China they were/are called "The 50 Cent Army"
noted as being a force over 300,000 strong,
that get 50 cents for every article they post
supporting the Chinese government
and also rubbishing anything good against the government.

And the people that control the Chinese government
are focused on only two things...

Not Peace and Advanced Knowledge and Love to Free Humanity.

Only focused on War Build-Up.

Once World War takes place, most of the populations will die.
And the few people that survive in underground bases
will be a more at risk from negative-multi-dimensional-beings.

I know, it all sounds like SCI/FI

but if you want just a scrap of my research for evidence,
study this...

Art Bell - Coast to Coast AM - 04-24-04 - Colm Kelleher_UFO

It in the "Art Bell Matrix CDs".

(National Institute for Discovery Science)
NIDS shut down because they learned enough and would know it all.

All Mr Robert Bigelow could do now is hope to try to find and support
good military intelligence groups dealing with everything.

>Assuming is only a first step. If there are aliens running around here
>on planet Earth, than possibly we could identify a few of them and ask
>them, what they have in mind.

Worth a try, but the M.I.B somehow can see and know
most all ET close encounters and off-world experiences
that Humans have...

One example of thousands...


Don't give up.
You have taken the Red Pill.
It's the best thing to do !!! :-)




"You are already in the Pandora's box that the "third party" has
created around you. Whatever your decision may be you will have to get
out of it. "

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