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Anticipation Guide Part 3

Hollie Guy
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-P, Period 3
12 March 2012
Assignment 16: Anticipation Guide part 3
I chose the topic ďThe line between sanity and insanity is fragile, and any one of us is capable of having a nervous breakdown.Ē I agree with this statement because all though I havenít had a severe nervous breakdown, Iíve sure felt like Iíve come close to one. Every human being has had their moments of feeling like they are about to go insane. For example, in Edgar Allan Poeís Story The Fall of the House of Usher Rodrick Usher seeks the help from his childhood friend who we just know as the narrorator, because he feels like heís either really sick mentally or heís suffering from a disease. Whether anyone wants to deny or accept it, no one is perfect. No matter how hard we as individuals try, weíll never come close. Many famous men and women have made their name known through insanity, with some good results. Also, what we may think is sane, may be insane to someone else. Itís all a matter of how society sees it. Which leads me to the belief to topic ten, that ď fear can be a greater danger to a personís well- being than an actual danger can be to a personís well- being.Ē Fear can bring persecution and a feeling of inadequacy . Fear can be a condition or state, or an attitude which when experienced will cause the sensation of fright, dread, terror, panic, and horror. Fear can leave you helpless to where you tend to stay stuck and not take chances. With fear you struggle with self-confidence with which can interfere with your own successes. Every thought has a positive or negative charge. If you linger in fearful thoughts, it will lead to more fearful thoughts which can lead to phobias and bring back that sanity versus insanity state. Fear can imply a painful emotion that can also cause you to do harm to yourself. Fear can be an on-going danger that could have deadly results just like an actual danger would bring upon someone. Fear can be just as destructive as an life threatening situation.

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