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Anticipation Guide 3 part 2

We should pay attention to our dreams. Dreams are produced by the subconcious and they are unbiased. Since they are unbiased, they show both positive and negatives. Dreams can represent goals or aspirations. Dreams will often show or reveal your goals to you. They may not always be exactly what you were aspireing for, but it will often be something that represents your goal. It's human nature to think of the obstacles between you and your goals. That is why in a dream, you will often have something preventing you from whatever you are trying to achieve. Dreams will show you your strengths and it may also show you your weaknesses. It's best to know both because this will help you to understand yourself better. Their are many interpretations for different dreams. While analyzing your dreams you have to put them into context. Two people can have the same dream, but the dream will mean something completely different to both people. This is because these two people live completely different lives. After studying your dreams, you may begin to realize things about yourself that you didn't before. The subcontious only collects and stores information. This makes it an excellent source of information. Dreams can also represent fears, This is why we have nightmares. Sometimes people have nightmares when they have taken a large risk or after a terrible accident, but you have to put the dream into context before you begin to analyze. Also, nightmares that you may experience may not always represent something bad. I learned this after studying the different types of symbols and how to interpert dreams. I believe studying dreams will only benefit you longterm.

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