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What Is Up With America !!! // UFOs ETs.

Hagar said...

>Now you know who runs our Government ... Socialist Muslims, hell bent on
>destroying the American way.

Jim said...

We've been dealing with this "HOLY WAR"
and "Bloody Will Be Spilt in the Name of God Allah"...
... for many thousands of years, Hagar.

And the World War II Generals and Presidents
tried to do the correct thing to survive
and allow "In God We Trust" on all coins
and allow Churches and other Religions
to appease the 'Watchers' & 'Silencers'.
(from UFO Hunters)

But oh, that was not enough for the dark forces.

Various American business-people
were in the know about dark forces,
and played their cards cleverly
for a better safer cleaner nicer advanced America.
And it's been a battle.

If the 'iargan' species of ETs are real...
they deal with all that crap by
being aware of the dark side to the intelligences in the Universe,
and by keeping a clean ship.
Their homes and planet
is very tidy and perfect and efficient and clean.

I've heard the same information from Mediums.
Some spirits from the after-life
ask for the attic and house to be tidied up
clean and tidy.

We have the internet,
we are learning all of this,
and yes, some people will panic and jump off bridges,
but many people will be set free.

And NUMBER #1 !!! ...
We need to listen to and study other intelligent species
in the Milky Way Galaxy (such as the iargan example I gave)
... and guess what ...
the MIB don't like us learning from them, aye !!!

Get busy, share this information.


"This is so true that they have almost very subtly taken control. They
do not necessarily stand on your material plan"







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