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Aliens & Secret Government // Collins Elite // George Knapp // Nick Redfern // Extraterrestrials !!!

Aliens & Secret Government // Collins Elite // George Knapp // Nick
Redfern // Extraterrestrials !!!

C2CAM 2010-10-17- Aliens & Secret Govt Group George Knapp.mp3

I listened to that again today !


UFO researcher Nick Redfern joined George Knapp to talk about a secret
group within the U.S. government known as the Collins Elite, who
believe our purported alien visitors are actually deceptive demonic
entities. Redfern first learned of the group's existence through Ray
Boeche, an Anglican priest, and former director of Nebraska's MUFON.
Boeche said back in 1991 he met with two men from the Defense Dept.
who told him about a secret project to contact NHE's (non-human
entities). They showed him photographs of people who allegedly died
during experiments while contacting the NHEs, and contended that the
beings they communicated with were simply masquerading as ETs.

Eventually, Redfern interviewed a man in his 80s named Richard Duke,
who claimed to be a member of the Collins Elite up until 1960, and
recalled many specific details about the group. The group took its
inspiration from occultist Aleister Crowley's ritual in which he
reportedly made contact with an interdimensional entity named Lam.
Later, in the 1940s, rocket scientist Jack Parsons engaged in similar
experiments trying to invoke a being, and subsequent UFO sightings may
have been enabled through his opening of a portal, the group believed.
According to Duke, the Collins Elite also suspected that various
contactees in the 1950s, such as George Hunt Williamson, who used a
Oujia board for ET communications, were experiencing demonic

In the 1960s, the Collins Elite examined a number of NDE reports, such
as one in which deceased humans moved through a hellish landscape as a
UFO-type craft hovered overhead, extracting their souls with a ball of
light, Redfern detailed. "They eventually came to the
conclusion...that the human soul possesses some sort of energy, which
these entities can use as sustenance...In other words, they're
harvesting human souls," he said, adding that the group believed that
a strong religious viewpoint, such as Christian fundamentalism could
keep the demonic entities at bay.



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