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James: URGENT: Please respond


Two weeks ago my father had a bilateral CVD drain procedure in which fluids and blood were drained. The complication that occurred as a result was Airheadedness (yes, that's what the neurosurgeon called it :)) which made him unresponsive for more than 3 days. While he was out, he suffered from aspirations/pneumonia.

He was given anti-biotics and appeared to have recovered. Over the course of the past week, he has slowly regained the use of his limbs in addition to speech returning to normal.

Prior to this procedure, he was suffering dysphagia from time to time which may have resulted from a TIA that he had last June. However during the past week he was able to eat a pureed and nectar diet with minimal coughing and no choking.

While he was in rehab last Saturday, he came down with another episode of pneumonia which the medical staff attributed to inability to swallow properly. He was placed on a nasal feeding tube which he pulled out a day later on Monday as he could not tolerate it any longer. Since then, he has only eaten a cup of pudding per day. Unfortunately the medical staff at the hospital are considering placing a feeding tube through the stomach which we DESPERATELY want to avoid. It APPEARS that the extent of his coughing and swallowing issues are being over estimated.

Once again he was given broad spectrum anti-biotics. The pneumonia is improving as the coughing has subsided.

I know about your anti-pneumonia formula but since he is in the hospital, obviously he can not be given any herbs.

PLEASE advise.

Thanks very much in advance.


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