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If the Galactic Federation were real. Extraterrestrials Majestic Cosmic Top Secret !!!

If the Galactic Federation were real ... NO GOLD ... //
Extraterrestrials Majestic Cosmic Top Secret !!!

If the Galactic Federation were real...

... they would not be saying such things as
"all money will be changed to a gold-backed currency'.

A real Galactic Federation would provide
non-Earth-metals to the correct good forces
on planet Earth to provide a perfectly safe
incorruptible financial system
to help planet Earth move forward
into a wonderful intelligent wise loving advanced
space traveling future.

All Humans want a Nice Life.
All Humans want Friends.
All Humans want a Nice Planet.
All Humans want to Explore Space.
All Humans want Honesty.
All Humans want to experience True Love.

Focus on that !!!

Most All Humans do not want BS or Evil Idiots !!!



Alt Alien Research Intelligence Agency Official Admiral Wizzard.
... here... http://bit.ly/gsYSvc

"Project Mothership" UFOs Aliens Proof Evidence...

Documentary "WATER" ... by Saida Medvedeva.
Beautiful Documentary ...

For Those Who Want To Know...

Best Aliens UFOs Videos Proof Evidence...

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