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Going no where fast

Hi James.
I have been reading your forum on CZ for a while. Wondering if you can help:
About 3 years ago I had some wisdom teeth out and took antibiotics. Shortly after that I started having digestive issues. My main symptoms are excessive belching, gas, and loose stools.
I have tried a number of plans the last few years and really feel like I am getting no where. I have done the strict candida diet / anti-fungals / anti-microbials... and really haven't seen much change.
My last couple genova CDSA tests have shown No Growth Lactobacillus species, which I think is my main problem.

Here are the results from my last test:
Lactobacillus species NG
Escherichia coil 4+
Bifidobacterium 4+

gamma haemolytic Streptococcus 1+
Klebsiella pneumoniae 4+

mycology NG

Lactobacillus has showed NG on the last couple tests and Klebsiella has been rising. I had been on VSL3 (up to 2 packets per day) and still seeing no growth.

Loose stools have been a frustrating problem and caused much stress. The only thing that seemed to help this was switching from brown to white rice and minimizing fiber in my diet. Reading some of your posts on CZ I now know that removing fiber has probably been a mistake as its needed to feed good bacteria.

After having terrible evening gas the last few weeks I went back to my integrative Dr who suggested I switch my probotic to Prescript-Assist Pro (2 per day) and add CM Core (Berberine and Grape seed extract - 2 pills 3X day). A couple days after I started taking these I came down with a bad cold and slight fever. Thinking its probably related and might be die off. Anyway I have stopped these two supplements at the moment. I am continuing Kefir, which I started a couple weeks ago and added Oat Bran cereal as you suggested.

Apologies for the long message wanted to get your thoughts. Will the Kefir and Oat Bran be enough to build up my good flora? How long should it take? What do you think about the Prescript-Assist Pro and CM Core. I don't want to kill any more good flora.

Thanks for your time.


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