Tears: Running rivers

Stoping the Running rivers, tears overflowing the skies pouring and drowning the earth below, traveling down all the way to the ground, past hurting more then before, memories lost in time, regrets that never will subside and leave your mind worries that keep making you frown and keeping you from your power and your crown your as silent as a mouse voice lost after crying out your running river rivers time passing forgeting is hard and theres no happy place for you to hide a fairy tale land never written misery takes over and you become a person never heard a whisper in the wind invisible but now its time to dry the running river and stop letting your emotions flow by shutting your feelings in setting your sole free and letting go of the past and show the real you just have to invite yourselve in and keep going pushing farther till the end where darkness becomes a glowing light among the others no fright no endless fights weakness gone and your as strong and powerful as ever the heat and pain rising and the fog long gone in time and the running rivers dry just set your body a fly tonight.

Shania's notepad

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