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Desperate newlywed and he has no sex drive

It is really making married life hard. He has pretty much no sex drive. We have been married right at 1 year and every 2 or 3 months I finally say something. I have a very healthy sex drive and could go 3 or 4 times a day if I could. He has all the symptoms of low T but we have tried several herbal things that claim to work but so far they have made very little difference. He has no insurance so getting it all checked isn't really a choice right now. He has admitted he has done some pretty heavy drugs in his past and I figure they probably damaged his liver and everything else. I got a liver cleanser and used it a couple months and use a few things for the liver. I need help. You have helped me years ago with my thyroid issues and I really trust your input. Oh BTW he is 45 years old and slightly over weight. Also how long should we use any certain herbs before we figure out it isn't going to work for him? Thanks in advance.


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