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Anticipation Guide Part 3 1984

I believe that we donít have to have a war to make peace. There are many different ways to achieve peace without there being a full out war. Fighting for something, doesnít necessarily make things all better. I still donít think the only way to prepare for peace is to be prepared for war after I the ď1984Ē. If everyone knows and observes love and peace we wonít have war anymore. People should calm down and have a talk to each other with friendly. I think the best way to maintain peace is not fighting because I know some people are fighting even create a great war but not for peace and I also know what benefits they are looking for. I have three reasons can prove prepared war is a really bad way to find peace. First, when the war begins, army will need to a huge number of money to create weapon, the only way that government can expense is the money from taxpayers. If this war is a long time to finish, the taxpayers will keep spend their money. If this country loses the war or didnít maintain the peace on that area. Government will have a big trouble because the taxpayers wonít forgive government that wasted their money for a war without peace. The taxpayers lost money and now the government didnít get any benefit too. This is not the peace..If a country has war with another country, they both need army, but army needs people. These soldiers may be combine by students, teachers, lawyers, farmers, husbands, sons, or fathers. They use their life for the country. If they die on the battle, students wonít learn more knowledges and enjoy their childhoods; teachers wonít teach things in schools; lawyers wonít protect rights for citizens; farmers wonít work on the land so what can we eat; wifes lose their husbands, sons lose their father, and fathers lose their young sons, thereís no any way that can heal their wounds of the hearts. And this not the peace too. This is destroy of country. Third, some countries are fighting to each other are not really trying to get peace. They say they are fighting for the peace, but actually they want to get their own benefits from the war, such as resources, military weapons, and the money from taxpayers, no matter whose is going to win the war, soldiers and citizens donít get any good. They took soldiers lifes and citizensís riches to fill themselves. These people are selfish, they donít care whatís going to happen at motherland, citizens donít have money for living, soldiers lose their lifes, and take resources. They do not even know what they are fighting for. It is really not peace if they are out their killing. It is not going to make anything better. Peace will not be created if there is war and I am still a believer in that. So for some, going against their country am have drastic consequences. And so for preparing for war to keep peace is something that a lot of countries and people can relate to. Some countries half to go to war to keep peace between their people because they do not want fights to go on between the country and its people. Going to war with your country isnít always a bad thing, sometimes it can be a good thing. Because not only are you getting the peace that you wanted or needed, but you are also getting the ruler who is not making peace between the people out of power.

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