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Austin McNeill

English Paper

English 12


Freedom for Security

The statement ď Those who would exchange freedom for security deserve neitherĒ is not a very good one. People can set how much freedom they want, some people like to plain and simple with their lives and not do anything radical and thats peopleís decisions. These people can sometimes just want the security more than freedom which i think is okay. Just because people donít like to use their freedom as much as others doesnít mean that they shouldnít get security from the country. So i donít agree with the statement.
Security should be provided by the Government no matter what, If people follow the law and pay taxes and do everything to help the Government i feel that they owe us safety from anything that could hurt us. The Government has done a nice job doing this for us and i thank them for keeping us safe. People can choose whatever they want, whether it be freedom or safety. Some people can have both if they wanted to and we do, Here in the United States we are allowed to have freedom and be protected at the same time. Some people may argue that we donít get enough freedom with how we are always being tracked or followed but for the most part we are allowed to do what we want.
I can kinda see why people would be upset if someone gave up their freedom to be secured, freedom was given to you for a reason and you should use it to the most. But those people that believe that you deserve neither donít really see the big picture. Other countries around the United States donít get the freedom like we do, Some Governments are really strict with their citizens and some even hurt their citizens if rules aren't followed. So maybe people that are scared of their government would rather have their family and themselves a guaranteed pass not to be hurt and are willing to do what ever they have to, even give up their freedom. Iím a big family person so if i had to exchange my freedom for my family and i to be safe i definitely would do that and so would most of the world i think.
When it comes down to it people can do whatever they want and nobody except maybe the government if wanted to can stop it. If you would rather have freedom or security either way itís your decision and not the peoples around you. Do whatever you want but personally i would rather have security of my family and i over freedom, but with being in such a great country like the United States iím allowed to have both freedom and security so iím very thankful and fortunate. I feel like all countries in the world should have freedom and security from their government because without the people there would be no government.

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