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Anticipation Guide "The Crucible"

Jacob Lopez
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-P, Period 3
16 April 2012
Anticipation Guide ďThe CrucibleĒ
Courage means doing something even though it can be difficult and fearsome.
Courage is something we all carry, we have the courage to go school everyday even though we donít want to, and we still do it. People all around constantly need courage and strength to do insane jobs or tasks. Like circus people facing all there challenging acts like swallowing swords, lion taming, and shooting fire out there mouths it takes courage for these things. Another type of job that you need courage for is an actor, like being in an opera or play. The courage is needed for being in front of all the people, even if it is only a small play you still need courage because anybody can receive stage freight and just freeze up in the middle of there lines. With out stage freight you can handle the play, say your lines perfectly, unless something goes wrong during the play. Everything you do in life will need courage, even the simplest things will need it. Many people have the fear of things, like little children have the fear of the dark. But as they age they become more prone to the dark and they are not afraid anymore. You may need courage for a job application or, on a date for the first time with someone you maybe nervous, then you decided you can handle it and pull it off and play it smooth. Where ever you go you are going to use courage, like driving around thatís risking it because at any second before you know it a car may crash into you and instantly kill you. Or if you are starting to take charge of a job like a manger of something it takes courage to have everyone there work properly and in order like they should. I myself needed courage like when I first tried for the first time, a back flip on my bike I was scared and didnít make the full rotation. Then after practice and time I got the rotation it was difficult and scary but I landed it. Now I just have to take it to a wood ramp and I can officially say I landed it. Then when I enter another competition I can use that as one of my tricks, although if I didnít land it the first time I would get up clean myself off and try again, to show and prove I have the courage to do it even though I messed up once I can do it again. Its difficult though because if you fall it may hurt sometimes, in the way and position you have fallen, but once you get up you show off again in front of everybody to show you had the courage and strength to get back up, and show the reason why you are their to ride, not mess up fall and your done after your first try. (506)

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