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Anticipation Guide: The Crucible

Cheyenne Radcliff
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-P, Period 3
17 April 2012
Assignment 29: Anticipation Guide: The Crucible
“Courage means doing something even though it can be difficult and fearsome.” Courage can come at the most important times of your life. Courage is, standing up to something that you think needs to be done or what you believe in. Everyone has courage, they just need to use it. People use courage daily to help and get what they want. At school, students use courage to confront a crush or even stand up to a bully. All students should be using that ‘courage to stand up to bullies and protect their classmates. Celebrities have the courage to go out on the stage and sing and dance. Others have it to star in movies in front of the camera without getting camera shy. Even non-famous people use there courage to do dangerous things like doing trick on a bike, skateboard or even off-road vehicle, knowing that if its wrong, it could be their death. If you think about it, even animals and dinosaurs had the courage to stand up against other animals or dinosaurs to protect their babies. Courage can be used in a good way or even bad. Using courage to stand up to your parents and yelling at them how you feel about things is not a good way. Also yelling at a cop about how you feel about a ticket or what ever they did can get you in worst trouble. Cops have the courage of going out in the world, protecting us from crime, knowing any minute they can die saving us from crime. Fighters have the bravery of going in to burning buildings, not knowing whether they will be able to get out, also saving lives. Our troops have the courage everyday to go out in the battle field and dying for the U.S. everyday. Courage is a strong word and can make you do things you usually would not do. The saying is that you have the courage of a lion, probably because lions will attack their prey at anytime with out a worry. An example of courage would be Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., he was able to stand up for all the blacks to get their rights and looked what has happened by today. Dr. King even has his own holiday for being bold. It takes Courage to admit how you feel when you don’t want anyone to know. It can be difficult and fearsome to admit who you are, and that's why most people have courage when they walk around with nothing ashamed of. It is difficult and fearsome being the new person in town, and it takes courage to makes friends not knowing anyone. For some people it takes courage to ask questions in class, not sure if it will make them look stupid in class or embarrass themselves. It takes courage to be yourself and be different than everyone else not knowing if your going to be made fun of. Sometimes courage happens on its own, and get through life with it. (506 words)

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