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Anticipation Guide, Part II, The Crucible

The one belief that I a hundred percent agree with is that which doesnt destroy us only makes us stronger. This saying has been around for awhile now and it reminds me of Kelly Clarkson's new song, "stronger." Basically the meaning to this statement is that you might face some pretty ugly situations in your lifetime but in the end they will push you to be a stronger person. I believe that this is true because I have had to overcome many difficult situations. Life is never a walk in the park. At times it may seem that we are just facing problem after problem. However, when you feel like you have reached your lowest point is when you should fight with everything to fix the issue in the best way possible. From my past experience, when I think that my life is falling apart and it seems that things are going to be horrible forever I am always wrong. Sure at the time it seemed like there was no way getting out but somehow I always recovered and became a tougher person through it. I have learned that you can't let all the little things better and that is better to move on then dwell on a bad situation for too long. Think about it, if bad things never happened we would never be able to recognize and appreciate the good things in life. It always best to try and find the positives in life rather than having a negative outlook on life. Bad situations force us to grow thicker skin. In my opinion I am avery strong person and I usually don't have too many breakdowns. Even though I do not like all the things that have happened in my life I don't wish that they could be taken back because they have tought me very valuable lessons. Like I said before, you can't appreciate the good without the bad. So even when you feel knocked down just know that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. If a situation doesn't literally kill you then it will for sure teach you a lesson. Just remember that life is not always as bad as it seems and that with the right mindset a person can overcome even the most hopeless situation. Probably one of the toughest situations that I have had to face is the divorce of my parents. It is not an easu thing to sit back and watch your life basically get sepoerated and rearranged but by the time it was all said and done with I realized how much it had changed me. It put a much stronger head on my shoulders. I would not be the same person if I had never dealt with these problems. Eventually you learn to accept the bad and push past it. As strange as it might seem I am thankful for all the challenges placed in my way. We are all strong individuals.

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