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Re(1): Bi Polar Disorder

Hi Barbara,

Bipolar is a difficult thing to address.

In short bipolar has been linked to a sodium shift in the brain neurons. Lithium is commonly used since it displaces sodium. There are only a few things more reactive than sodium to displace it. Potassium and lithium are the most common. But potassium can lead to heart problems and stoppage if overdone so lithium, which is even more reactive is used. Lithium also has its side effects though, such as liver damage.

There are a combination of herbs that work but I hesitate to mention them due to the toxicity of one of the herbs especially if not used properly. That herb is not available for sale anyway and would have to be harvested in the wild.

Therefore, the best option would be supplementing with magnesium, which has also been shown to help with bipolar. Magnesium is essential for about 400 different reactions in the body including the production of ATP for cellular energy.

There are different forms of magnesium with different absorption rates and even effects. I prefer magnesium malate, which is bound to malic acid. Like magnesium, malic acid also helps to increase cellular ATP for proper cell function.



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