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Anticipation Guide: THe Crucible

Courage is the feeling a person gets when everything in their head completely vanishes, their heartbeat pumps and pumps and a full rush of adrenalin rushes throughout their skin. The way people see courage is based on their opinion. What people misunderstand is the difference between courage and stupidity. An example of courage is a person enrolls into the military to fight for his country. However, this person knows that enrolling into the military they might go to war, and when in war they must fight for not only their country but for their lives, that is what courage is. In movies like Titanic where the character Jack lets Rose on that door and he lays in the water next to her, that is an act of courage. When a person commits an act of courage it only makes them a stronger person.
Stupidity is, when someone act not using the mind but because of fear or confidence. What I mean by that is, if someone is fearful for their life and must choose to do something to save them, although they are not thinking about their action, it causes them to act on foolishness. Stupidity also falls under the term of doing something of confidence if someone does something to impress others. If someone was offered a challenge to chug a gallon of milk and someone said to them, “hey man you got courage”, they are using the wrong term to define them. Courage is
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doing something that is fearsome and truly gets to you. Misunderstanding courage can get people to believe their stupidity is an act of courage. In horror movies when a guy tries to be a hero and ends up dying because they try killing the mass killer, which is an act of stupidity. The characters always choose a horrible place to hide, they never keep quiet and they always trip on something. The character then panics and does something out of stupidity to save them.
Some may disagree that confidence is the anything that seems to be outrageous or fearful no matter how foolish it may seem. They might argue that in horror movies when the protagonist kills the antagonist, they are being courageous but foolish at the same time because they did something fearful. However when doing something courageous a person thinks of the outcomes and knows the pros of cons of doing something. For example, Courage the Cowardly Dog, the dog was feeble but every situation that he got himself into he managed to get himself out of by thinking of plans that can resolve the issue. Another example is, jimmy neutron the boy was a genius and with every situation that seems to cause an epidemic on the town, Jimmy managed to keep his emotions in control and save the town by doing something courageous. Sometimes we do not realize the acts we do in our everyday life can be courageous. With taking an act to do something courageous we are making ourselves stronger people mentally.

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