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Re(1): On combining your supplements, storage, acidity and thyroid support

Hi Michael,

1. The formuals are designed so they can be taken together. And it would be difficult to get too much of any one ingredient. The recommended doses are actually very low compared to most recommendations of herbs. I rely on synergy though to get a stronger effect from the herbs with the lower dosage.

If someone has a lot of allergies though it is best to introduce one formula at a time giving a few days before introducing a new formula. This way if there is an allergic reaction then it is easier to narrow down what the allergy could have been from.

2. Refrigeration of pollen extends the shelf life. Some people even freeze it. The drawback is that constantly opening and sealing a cold jar in a warm, moist environment can lead to condensation that is not good for the herbs. Therefore, I do not recommend keeping the herbs in a refrigerator or freezer. The shelf life on the herbs are generally 4-5 years if stored in a cool place and kept in the container to prevent light exposure. You will use up the herbs long before they could go bad.

3. I eat whatever I feel like eating. Diet actually has very little influence on blood pH. But it does affect intestinal pH, which is the primary area where Candida is found. Here the acids that control Candida are produced primarily by the fermentation of fibers by the intestinal flora.

4. This looks like a pretty decent formula covering most of the bases of things that can cause hypothyroidism. If I was the one designing i I would also have added a cAMP stimulator since cAMP is required for iodine uptake by cells.

Herbal formulas like this support the gland. They do not substitute for the glands own production of hormones like glandulars so the formula will not shut the gland down like a glandular.



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