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Re(1): Arsenic in rice bran?

Hi Maarten,

This came up before elsewhere where I post. Here is a copy of my response:

The study that came to this conclusion is not telling the full story.

The amount of arsenic found in the rice bran was averaging around 1mg per kilogram. And part of this was in a harmless organic form.

It has also been found that the amount of arsenic present varied considerably depending on where the rice bran is grown. Levels of arsenic were highest in rice bran from China and Europe, and lowest in rice bran from the US.

So this brings up the most important question and point. Where is the arsenic coming from? Arsenic can be found naturally in the soil, or it can come from industrial sources where it contaminates the soil and water. This means that ALL plants being grown on contaminated soil or with contaminated water will pick up the arsenic. It is the same principle as the lead that was found in bone meal. Nobody questioned where the lead came from. Most of the lead came from decades of use of leaded gasoline. Even though leaded gasoline is no longer used the lead is still there. The lead did not evaporate, it deposited in the soil. The plants picked up the lead and the cows ate the plants thus depositing the lead in their bones. Now consider how many farms are situated right next to major freeways. Then consider the fact that we are also eating those plants just like the cows. The point here is that rice picks up the arsenic in the soil and water just like other plants do.

And why does rice bran pick up higher levels? Simple, rice bran is high in phytic acid that binds heavy metals. Plants high in oxalic acid will also pick up more heavy metals. But keep in mind that phytic acid has a higher affinity for heavy metals than it does healthy minerals. Therefore if it remains bound to the arsenic the arsenic will never be made available to the body.

A long time ago I had a friend who was being poisoned with arsenic. It's a long bizarre story. Anyway when I finally figured out it was arsenic poisoning I did a lot of research on it and found some interesting facts. For example arsenic is used to preserve apples for the market!

Another thing to keep in mind is that arsenic is readily displaced from the body by a number of elements such as calcium. This is why despite arsenic being in so many food sources and being a cumulative poison that we are not all dying from arsenic poisoning.



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