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Assignment 29: Anticipation Guide The Crucible

Chris Butcher
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-P, Period 3
18 April 2012
Assignment 26: Anticipation Guide “The Crucible”
The statement “The difference between right and wrong is clear” is one with which I completely agree. One must always think about the consequences before enduring a possibly dangerous or threatening situation, because that will lead you in the right path, and if there is absolutely no possible way of having a positive outcome in a situation, then a person must decide which consequence is less unpleasant. Right and wrong has a major effect on every single human being’s life, and it separates all that is good and all that is bad. It separates good people from criminals, although nobody is perfect. I say that because everybody does wrong in there lives at some point, but it is the magnitude and/or the multitude of the unlawful activity that can makes one’s life immensely worse. Take our judicial system for example. If someone is drinking and driving and gets caught, they will have to pay a fine, but if a person is drinking and driving and they cause an accident and they end up killing someone, they will get a prison sentence. A perfect example of how the enormity of a crime can do some damage on one’s life. Now, here is an example of how a large amount of crimes can ruin someone’s life. If somebody commits a crime that is small and only on one or two counts, he/she will not be punished very severely. However, if a person commits multiple crimes, which places more offenses against them, then they will serve more time than the person who committed only one or two small crimes. I am not saying that being a criminal is fine if you only commit small crimes because we should all obey the laws, unless you feel that they are unjust, for example, there is no excuse for stealing or killing, but if you feel that a law is unjust one must peacefully protest, which is a completely different story.
As seen in my last example, the difference between right and wrong is obviously very clear. Some commit crimes because they want to be cool and impress people or to be funny; others because their decisions may be clouded and they make bad choices, and others may even disobey the law for the sake of disobeying the law. Whatever the reason, I still believe that when one commits a crime, he/she knows what they are doing, and they should think about the consequences of their actions before they act.

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