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Amla Berry vs. Amla 45% Tannins

Hello James,

What is the difference between the Amla Berry and Amla 45% tannins? I have a bottle of Organic India Amla, but am trying to save money and go to bulk herbs. Which do I need?

Also, I see you sell fish oil powder- is this of the same benefit as the Carlson fish oil liquid I usually take?

Finally, my father was a non-drinker and had bad cirhosis. He also had breast cancer. He had been on heart medicines for arythmia for 35 years before he died of a fall.

Is there a way to measure the functioning of my liver as far as detoxification ability? I show signs of some weakness in my slow clearance of hormones, etc. I take milk thistle and dandelion root. I have heard lemon water is helpful, but my stomach is very bothered my acidic things. Is there anything else I should do?

Thank you,


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